The Last Barn Dance (and post?)

Greetings and Happy New Year. Perhaps it’s fitting that one of my final posts here will be about “The Last Barn Dance,” a lovely film in the making. Here’s the synopsis: “Randy Lewis knows that losing his dairy business would mean losing his livelihood – his farm is limping along through an economy that has decimated most other family farms in Alamance County – but Randy is most worried about losing his way of life and ending a family heritage that has hosted nearly 50 years worth of barn dances. The farm is fragile, the band is old, the barn is beaten, and Randy, with no kids of his own and little faith the younger generation will pick up the pieces, is trying to save the dance.”

It’s been nearly four years since “Farm Fresh North Carolina” was published, in March 2011. Because I moved to the Netherlands in late 2014, I will only rarely add to this blog. However, it is filled with still-relevant information, so feel free to use the search function.

For farm-travel fun in neighboring Southern states, check out my sister books, also published by UNC Press, “Farm Fresh Tennessee” and “Farm Fresh Georgia.


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One Response to The Last Barn Dance (and post?)

  1. Rebecca in Asheville says:

    Good luck to you in the Netherlands! I love farms, hope to use your site as a resource.