Learn to can it in Carrboro

Curious about canning? Learn all about it on Aug. 16 at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market. Market-goers will learn how easy it is to preserve the best, fresh produce at International Can-It-Forward Day celebration, presented by Jarden Home Brands, makers of the Ball brand home canning products.  Canning allows you to savor fresh, local produce year-round, support your lcal food economy and spread awareness of the benefits of food preservation. Preserved produce also makes a very fine gift. I just received some homemade sweet cuke pickles from a friend that I’m loving!

If you can’t attend or can’t get enough, you can also tune in to www.freshpreserving.com to watch a similar event in a different place via a live webcast from Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket in New York.  That’s from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST on Aug. 16. Hugh Acheson, chef and author of “Pick a Pickle,” will host, demo and answer questions.

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