Weathervane chef is star of the show

Chef Ryan Payne from Weathervane at A Southern Season took home $2,000, Dansko clogs, red chef jackets for his team and major bragging rights after winning the Fire in the Triangle series, a new chef competition organized by Got to Be NC Competition Dining. Also impressive was who he ultimately beat: Chef John Childers of Herons at The Umstead Hotel and Spa. Sixteen chefs from the Triangle and Southern Pines competed in the 15-dinner series that began June 11 and concluded last week. I was lucky enough to judge the semi-finals and turned out all my favorite dishes of the evening were from Chef Ryan’s camp.

I was at A Southern Season (in Chapel Hill) yesterday for a book signing and spoke with many folks who had just eaten lunch at the Weathervane and were raving about the food. Some knew of chef’s win, and those who didn’t do now.

Next up: Fire in the Triad. Tickets on sale now!

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