Weathervane chef knows how to say Cheese!

Congrats to Chef Ryan Payne of the Weathervane at A Southern Season for rising to the top of the semifinals at Fire in the Triangle, which I helped judge last night. The secret ingredient was: Cheese!

Sources for our nation’s favorite dairy product were: Goat Lady Dairy (you must have dinner there sometime), Hillsborough Cheese Company, and Ashe County Cheese, a fun place to visit in West Jefferson.

By far the standout offering was Chef Ryan’s appetizer: Ashe County Mountain Sharp Cheddar & Beer Soup with Country Nehi Grape Sausage, Housemade Cheddar Pretzel & Smoked Farmer Cheese. See all course details here.

After tonight’s face-off between Heron’s and The Oxford, the chefs will rest up until the sold-out finals on July 31. Good luck this evening, bon appetite, and eet smakelijk! And don’t forget, Fire in the Triad starts soon!


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