Help fund farm on wheels — and youthful idealism

Not to be all middle-aged about it, but I do get a warm and fuzzy feeling when learning about cool projects that energetic young idealists are doing. One of those projects is the nonprofit Sol Food Mobile Farm, in which four longtime friends in their early 20s from my hometown of Durham will be driving across the country for six months to work with kids on a variety of garden and ecology projects. They’ll kick things off in Durham this June.

The crew’s home/office on wheels will be an enormous “green” veggie-fuel bus (though it’s painted red). The foursome bought a shell of a bus and are fixing it up themselves, adding such sustainable features as solar panels, a green roof, vermacompost, and waste-water collection tanks. They’ve already mapped their route through ten urban areas.

Like many groups these days, Sol Food is raising funds through crowd sourcing. Please read their appeal here, check out their video, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to part with a little cash. Or donate to the group directly here.

I should add that I’ve met one of the four, Dylan Hammond, a couple times because his mother, Judy Martell, is a good friend of mine. Knowing Judy, I’m not surprised Dylan has so much on the ball. Please lend a hand to Sol Food Mobile Farm!

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