School teaches women small-scale farming

Private farm schools are cropping up like cucumbers in August, it seems. Now we have one in North Carolina, one for women only. It sounds pretty cool. Here’s the press release, issued this month out of Chapel Hill:

NC Women of the Land Agricultural Network (NC WOLAN) is offering The Farm School for Women, a residential on-farm training program designed specifically for women who, through knowledge and experience, value their connection to and stewardship of the land, have a passion for sustainable agriculture and are committed to the values of small-scale farming.

The residential program is located on Genesis Farm, a twenty-acre market and educational farm located near Chapel Hill, NC. For about ten hours each week, students will engage in formal classes, on-farm workshops, and field trips. The students will also spend approximately 20 hours a week working on the farm, applying the concepts learned in classes: to growing the vegetables,caring for barnyard animals and learning practical, business and homesteading skills.

Applicants are evaluated and accepted by a review panel based on background, desire and commitment to the program. The program is scheduled to run March to October, 2012. Application forms and more information are available online at The School is a sponsored program of the Genesis Farm Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission to further agricultural and small farm life through education, awareness, support, outreach and service, especially to women and youth; and to respect nature in a safe and sustainable environment.

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