Meet the folks of ‘American Meat’

Suzanne at Cozi Farms in Saxapahaw wrote today to spread the word about a special event at the awesome Haw River Ballroom on Thursday, Dec. 8.

They’re screening the new documentary film “American Meat,” along with a local foods feast beforehand and discussion following. Film only is $10 and with the meal is $25. Ticket info here.

The meal features pastured, organically fed chicken, pork, veggies and greens, all grown across the street and prepared by the outstanding cooks at the Saxapahaw General Store and Eddy Pub. Film and conversation to follow.

Here’s what Suzanne says about “American Meat”: “I was surprised at how enjoyable this movie is to watch. Film director Graham Meriweather doesn’t gloss over the difficulty of the subject, yet he also manages to bring it down to a human scale, and in the process reminds us that raising livestock for food doesn’t have to be inhumane but rather a reflection of our common humanity. Graham does something that I have yet to see in any film of this genre: chronicle where we’ve been and where we’re going in the raising of livestock for food in a way that not only allows but encourages dialogue from participants of all sectors. And that’s just what we plan to do after the screening: confinement livestock producers will sit next to, discuss and take questions from the audience, next to pastured livestock producers, in a wide-ranging conversation that will include the filmmaker himself.”

This sounds like a very special event, especially the Q&A portion. Confinement farmers and pasture farmers answering audience questions?  Admirable.

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