Guidebook author’s dream come true

A guidebook writer couldn’t ask for more than this blog post   from pastry chef and local-food lover Jenni Field for SavorNC magazine.  She writes about how her husband bought her my book for their anniversary (thank you, husband!) and, more importantly, how they actually used it! I appreciate the positive feedback on how my book looks and reads, but the highest compliment, of course, is when readers get out and visit places in the book. That makes me so happy!

Triple B Farms in Bullock, Granville County

Jenni and her husband visited Bailey Newton at Triple B Farms in Bullock, in Granville County near Virginia. Bailey showed them around, talked about his sustainable farming practices, and answered all their questions. They bought bacon, sausage and ground beef from him, making this a win-win stop for all.

Check out her article on Triple B, which has great photos, and you really get a feel for the farm. Here’s her pastry chef blog, as well.

Thanks, Jenni, for using my book and spreading the word about our great farmers and their tasty food!

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  1. Michael says:

    Hello Diane Daniel.
    My wife Jacqueline and I are starting a market in Charlotte, that we feel is going to be quite unique. We have three primary goals, promoting market produce, fighting childhood obesity and teaching families healthful eating and better food choices. We envision an atmosphere of fun, education and community for our vendors and patrons alike. We are currently looking for farmer’s (vendors) who have a vision to bring more meaning to their labor in the field, increased sales and help children and their families stretch their dollars and live healthier lives. We live in the Charlotte Metro area of Mecklenburg County. Can you help us connect with these farmers? You can find me on Facebook and at my email address,

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