Andrea Reusing wins James Beard, makes NC proud

Andrea Reusing, James Beard award winner for Best Chef of the Southeast

A big congrats to Andrea Reusing, chef of Lantern in Chapel Hill and author of “Cooking in the Moment” for winning a James Beard award for Best Chef of the Southeast!!

Andrea is only the third North Carolinian to win the award. The other two are a married couple, Ben and Karen Barker of Magnolia Grill in Durham, a mile from my house and even farther from my budget. Lantern, luckily, is still within my reach.

You made us proud, Andrea!

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2 Responses to Andrea Reusing wins James Beard, makes NC proud

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  2. Hitesh says:

    With Escobar, Bautista and Lind, the Jays have 3/4 of a formidable top of the leinup. Will be interesting to see if Escobar can stay disciplined he’s making contact now, but still seems too much a free swinger to be a good leadoff man on a consistent basis. If Lind stays hot, except Bautista to get hot(ter) too as he starts seeing some better pitches.

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