In Durham, a special sit-down dinner with Pie Pushers

Pie Pushers Becky Cascio and Mike Hacker

One of the upsides* to all the rain and subsequent slow traffic on the Piedmont Farm Tour  yesterday was the opportunity to see the Pie Pushers’ full profile, instead of how I usually see Mike Hacker and Becky Cascio — as faces behind the windows of their already famed pizza truck, too busy to come out.

We made an excellent barter during our afternoon at Fickle Creek Farm — my book for their pizza, and last night I savored a Fickle Creek Farm-inspired pizza, with local sausage, spinach (from a different farm), caramelized onions and roasted garlic cloves. It was truly and totally divine. (I’ll be back at Fickle Creek today from 1 to 5, while Pie Pushers will be a Four Leaf Farm.)

A great opportunity to sample their slices — while seated and with sides! — happens tomorrow (Monday, April 18), when they’ll have a Pizza Dinner night at Watts Grocery in Durham. Both Mike and Becky have worked there and it’s where they met. (A match made in pizza heaven!)

From 6 to 9 p.m., the truck will be outside of Watts, but the diners will be inside, feasting on pizza, sides, and drinks, all for $15 total (alcoholic beverages are extra). Extra bonus: live acoustic music. Don’t miss it! Or, if you have to, sign up for their Tweets at @piepushers.

*Honestly, it’s hard to call anything an “upside” after yesterday’s  severe storms, tornadoes, major damage and even deaths. But that’s the crazy thing about life. Relatively calm in one corner and destructive in the other.

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