Take the survey: how far will you go for food?

Survey says! I just took this nationwide one on tourism and food choices. Deadline is March 31 and it’s being conducted by my friends at Animal Welfare Approved and at the Center for Sustainable Tourism at East Carolina University.

The project aims to develop a greater understanding of the sustainable food market, motivations for purchase, and eating preferences while traveling. How far will people go to get the foods they really want?

To thank you for your 15 minutes, survey takers are eligible to win a $100 gift certificate for Animal Welfare Approved products, which includes the finest grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork and world-class award-winning cheese. Results of the survey are expected to be available on June 1.

For information about the study, please contact Carol Kline at klinec@ecu.edu or 919.306.1705. (Here’s a question for you, Carol? Is your SurveyMonkey grassfed and humanely treated? Just wondering…)

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One Response to Take the survey: how far will you go for food?

  1. Alice Alexander says:

    Thanks for sharing; I took the survey!

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