Saturday’s stops: Southern Season, Barnes & Noble Burlington

Saturday is a big day for Farm Fresh! I’m excited to start the festivities at the renowned gourmet/cooking store A Southern Season in Chapel Hill. I’ll be there from 11:30 to 1:30.

While I’ll be doing a basic “sit-and-sign,” the good folks at SS will be cooking up a storm in honor of “Farm Fresh.” Come sample the yummies! They’ll use goods from the adjacent Chapel Hill Farmers Market. (That’s what it will be called starting April 2. For another week it’s still the South Estes Farmers Market.)

Demo Manager Lisa Bivona told me the SS cooking crew tentatively plans to whip up omelets using products from Coon Rock Farm and Fickle Creek Farm (both in my book) and perhaps cheese from Hillsborough Cheese Co. She’s also partial to the delish Sesame Kale recipe donated to “Farm Fresh” by Tryon resident Keith Snow from his “Harvest Eating Cookbook.” So stop by and see what’s on the menu!

Next on the Saturday itinerary, from 2:30 to 4 or so, will be a sit-and-sign at the Barnes and Noble in Burlington, in the Alamance Crossing Shopping Center. That’s in Alamance County, which had a healthy serving of eight listings in the book. Don’t worry, I’ll be feeding you something — blister-fried nuts peanuts from Bertie County Peanuts, a book entry from, you guessed it, Bertie County, way east.

Hope to see y’all out and about!

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