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Alpaca nuzzles Diane at Bedford Falls Alpaca Farm in Warne, Clay County.

Nice story today by Elizabeth Shestak in her Morsel column in the Durham News and Chapel Hill News, the local sections of the News & Observer. I haven’t seen the Chapel Hill version, but the Durham one includes this photo of me being nuzzled by an alpaca at the state’s first alpaca farm, Bedford Falls. What a fun day that was, way, way west in Clay County, that part of North Carolina that often gets relegated to an annex on state maps. I fell in love with alpacas during my research, and included a few alpaca farms in the book.

One thing this article and others have mentioned is that the event on Tuesday, March 8, at 7 p.m. at Flyleaf Books  in Chapel Hill is a “reading and signing.” It’s so, so much more! I’m hosting the conversation “From Farm to Fork” with chef Aaron Vandemark, a James Beard semifinalist and chef/owner of Panciuto in Chapel Hill, along with two of his farmers – Noah Ranells from Fickle Creek Farm in Efland and Helga MacAller of Four Leaf Farm in Rougemont. And Aaron is making appetizers sourced from those farms. And, then, yes, I’ll be signing books. But I promise – no “reading” from a guidebook. That sounds snooze-inducing!

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