Nice ‘Farm Fresh’ coverage in today’s Herald-Sun

Nice piece in today’s Herald Sun (my hometown paper!) on “Farm Fresh.”

About this excerpt: “The Durham writer grew up in Raleigh and returned to the Triangle after several years in Florida and Boston. What she found was an area that had grown, but in researching her new book, proved to be a still very rural state.”

This is so true. When I moved back 30 years later (only because my partner was transferred to Durham from Boston) I was of course shocked (SHOCKED!) at how much the area how grown, the sprawl, the commerce … the usual!

But it was actually well before the book research that I discovered something exciting about my home state. We do a lot of bicycle riding, and we’d take our bike to rural areas for daylong rides. It was during those many trips that I found the North Carolina of my youth. It was still there! That’s a big part of what inspired me to write the book — to celebrate what’s left of our once rural state and to hopefully help protect it.

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