Library Journal bestows kind words on ‘Farm Fresh’

Interested in picking your own okra?

I’m excited about my first official “Farm Fresh” book review. Not only is it accurate, it’s complimentary! Thank you, Library Journal! This appeared this week, written by Janet Ross.  

“Rev up your transportation and head for the North Carolina countryside—this is one comprehensive and persuasive guide. Local travel writer Daniel paints a charming picture of the attractions of rural life that should motivate even the most dedicated couch potato.

Visitor pets goat at poet Carl Sandburg’s home

Were you aware that poet Carl Sandburg’s home in Henderson County includes a park and a farm you can visit? Interested in picking your own okra? If you’ve always wanted a powder puff made from sheep’s wool, you can get one at the Good Stuff market in Madison County. You’ll find details for all these activities and more among the locations Daniel has visited and evaluated, organized here by county and into five regions that range from apple country in the mountains to the sandy soil of the Coastal Region and Sandhills. The guide also includes a glossary, information sources, recipes, and an alphabetical list of county-by-county offerings.”

The complete text is at the bottom of this long Library Journal entry.

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2 Responses to Library Journal bestows kind words on ‘Farm Fresh’

  1. Alice Alexander says:

    Congrats on the good review from the Library Journal!

  2. didaniel says:

    Thanks, Alice. Your kind to say so!

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