A bevy of baby goats? I’m there!

Curious goats at Celebrity Dairy

One of my favorite twice-yearly events is Open Barn Weekend at Celebrity Dairy outside of Siler City. This spring’s dates are the weekends of February 12 and 13 (THIS weekend) and March 12 and 13, from noon to five, both days.

Not only will you get to see baby goats – and really there’s not a whole lot more exciting than that – you can buy yummies at the lovely Celebrity Dairy Inn, including soup, brownies, hot drinks, and, of course, goat cheese.

Diane with baby goats at Briar Rose Farm in Madison County (you can stay there, too!)

The farm is expecting as many as 160 kids born this spring, so there should be plenty to go around. And, you, dear travelers, get to see them up close and personal.

Btw, I was honored that innkeeper Brit Pfann donated his recipe for goat-cheese scones for my book. They are delish!

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