Mushroom magic at Pickards Mountain

Mystery mushroom No. 1, just over NC line in Va., near Lake Gaston

If you can identify the mushrooms we have illustrated this with, you get a shoutout and a link, if you want. Thanks! 

The folks at Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute in Chapel Hill/Orange County are starting in on their fall bounty of educational programs. Next up? Mushrooms! On Saturday, Oct. 9, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Join one of our favorite friends and teachers Gumby Montgomery for a walk in the fall woods and meadows of Pickards Mountain. We’ll learn about the many talents of our fungal friends and how they fit into the forest ecosystem. We will keep an eye out as we walk for some beautiful mushrooms, and enjoy the company of fungi, plants, and animals as they settle into fall.”

Mystery mushroom No. 2, near Waynesville in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

RSVP is required for this event! Suggested donation is $15.

And if you’re want to know more about Gumby, who teaches a long list of natural-wonder courses in the area, go here. Gumby also is host of a 16-part “Celestial Seas Astronomy Series” at Pickards. For kicks, read “previous employment” on Gumby’s resume. I guess it’s not surprising that Gumby is, um, flexible.

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5 Responses to Mushroom magic at Pickards Mountain

  1. Christopher says:

    The top picture looks a bit like a cinnabar chanterelle but not if its growing out of that wood. You’d have to inspect the spore surface to be sure and know the time of year the picture was taken… That coral in the 2nd picture is beautiful. I don’t recall ever seeing that color – usually whites and tans.

    Leigh Farm has never been the same since Gumby left. I’m glad he keeps resurfacing in my little social circles. I hope I can make it out tomorrow but probably won’t be able to.

  2. bj schaugaard says:

    I believe that I have harvested a lot maitake mushrooms.I would like to share them with any one that would like to have them. I picked them today.{10/07/2012 919
    619 4108 Chapel Hill, NC

    • didaniel says:

      Sounds exciting, BJ, but this isn’t a great place to announce that. Try a list-serve or FB or Twitter, where someone will see it right away!

  3. Tommy Joseph says:

    i just saw some of these growing in gravel by a road near Kerr Lake in NC (same lake as lake Gaston in VA).

    I found your site while trying to identify them. Do you know what are they?