If you take a cotton to this, sign up by Oct. 23!

Oops, this almost got past me. Tomorrow, Oct. 23,  is the deadline to sign up for TS Designs/Cotton of the Carolinas annual harvest tour, on Saturday, Oct. 30. The Harvest 2010 tour meets up with cotton farmer Ronnie Burleson in New London, NC, between Greensboro and Charlotte.

If you don’t already know, Cotton of the Carolinas is a “dirt-to-shirt” venture from sustainability-minded TS Designs in Burlington. Shirts are fully sourced in the Carolinas, every traceable step of the way, from planting to sewing to selling. The day includes a tour of a cotton gin, farm tour, lunch at the farm, field visit and tractor ride and Q&A. Group transportation available, I assume from Burlington. (I’ll be out of state; otherwise, I’d be there!)

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3 Responses to If you take a cotton to this, sign up by Oct. 23!

  1. Pat Allen says:

    Dirt to shirt. Absolutely LOVE these words. Excellent, right on target. Keep up the super job. Glad you’re here.

  2. gloria says:


    Can you please tell me where I could pick a few cotton stems. I live in Concord NC and I would love to have some. I think they are a beautiful crop for display for Thanksgiving.

    Thank you,