It’s shrimp central in central NC

Paddlewheel aerates a prawn pond at Stagg Creek Farms, creating prime prawn conditions

Here’s a tasty message from Mike Lanier with Orange County Cooperative Extension Service.

From Mike: Anyone who likes prawns (shrimp), like them local and live in or near Orange, Caswell, and Alamance Counties will have six opportunities (below) to attend a harvest in the next few weeks. If you’re at the pond by mid-morning you’ll have a chance to see how they’re harvested. By lunchtime you should be able to buy fresh, local prawns.

From me, Diane: I visited one of them, Stagg Creek Farms in Mebane, during the Piedmont Farm Tour in 2009 and enjoyed the fruits of their prawn bounty! It would be very interesting to go during harvest.

Farms, locations and dates are as follows:

Thompson Prawn Farm, Cedar Grove: Sept. 30, Oct. 7, Oct. 14

B&T Freshwater Prawn Farm, Pelham: Oct. 1 and for sale also Oct. 2

Stagg Creek Farms, Mebane: Oct. 2 and 9

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  1. TP says:

    Have you tried tried shrimp polyculture with tilapia? Tilapia effectively increases shrimp production whwn farmed alongside shrimps.